Forestry Services

Forestry Services

We provide complete forestry services from small to large scale projects across the South of England. Through getting to know exactly what a forest owner is looking for from their land, we can advise and offer competitive pricing. Read on to find out more about some of what we do, and get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Forestry Services
Forestry Services

Harvesting & timber extraction

Upton Forestry Services provide a comprehensive timber harvesting and marketing service. We have access to a wide range of timber markets and are independent from timber processing interests, meaning we can act in your best interest to secure the optimum price for your timber. Our timber harvesting services include:

  • Planning and supervision of harvesting operations
  • Harvesting and extraction
  • Marketing of timber
  • Woodchip, biomass and firewood production through our approved subcontractors
  • Management and arrangement of site assessment, felling licenses and support
Forestry Services

Stump removal

Whatever the size of the site, client’s requirements or site conditions, our wide range of specialist equipment can cope with every situation.

Large scale stump grinding

Our high powered machines are either excavator mounted, tracked or wheeled and efficiently grind out the complete root system leaving the ground-up root/stump material in situ.

Pulling, shredding & recycling

Our own construction based excavators are converted for forestry use with specialist hydraulic attachments. We can efficiently pull out tree stumps from a forest environment, break them down into manageable pieces and transport them using tractors & trailers or a forestry forwarder to an onsite processing area. The stumps can then either be removed from site or further processed into mulch or biomass material using shredders & screeners. This can then be sold for the best possible price to offset some of the costs of the removal works.

View some of our latest projects for examples of our stump removal services.

Wood Chipping
Wood Chipping

Chipping Services

The arising waste i.e. brash or lop & top from forestry harvesting is often left in situ to decompose & sometimes requires removing if the site is being redeveloped or returned to heathland.

In either case we are able to extract the material to a roadside location and arrange for the material to be chipped into wood fuel. We take care of the whole operation, from forwarding & stacking of the material, chipping into the required size, finding the best possible market & loading of the lorries in order for it to be removed from site.

Forestry Services
Bordon Forestry

Woodland Management

We work closely with clients to understand the aims and objectives of their forestry ownership. Together we develop comprehensive plans for each forest we manage. Our breadth of services include:

  • Felling license applications
  • Short, medium and long term development of the forest
  • Selection of appropriate management regimes
  • Tree planting, landscape design, and establishment
  • Woodland improvement schemes and enrichment planting
  • Harvesting, marketing and management of timber sales
  • Installation and maintenance of roads, tracks and footpaths including public access routes
  • Management of invasive species and pests
  • Protection and enhancement of native biodiversity and habitat